Cryptic Masons Medical Research Foundation      YorkRiteb     Order of the Secret Vault


Special Committees

George Washington Masonic National Memorial
       Charles W. Wagner (Kathryn) -- Chairman
       Monty J. Glover (Maureen)
       Most Rev. E. Jeffrey Craig (Natalie) - Chairman
       Rev. James R. Herrington (Claire)
York Rite Cooperation
       All Elected General Grand Officers
Education (Historical/Publication)
       Stephen A. Balke--Chairman
       Carle L. Jackson
       Robert D. Elsloo (Debbie)
       Steven R. Goad 
       Anthony T. Johnson (Wendy)--Chairman
       Sean R. Garde
Constitution & Bylaws Review
       William G. Snyder--Chairman
       Dennis R. Detrow (Sue)
       John L. Belanger (Fay)
Cryptic Rite Strategic Planning
       Norman C. Lane (Frankie)--Chairman
       Monty J. Glover (Maureen)
       Ted P. Bendure (Susie)
Cryptic Masons Medical Research Foundation
       Paul W. Friend (Judy)-- Chairman
       Michael D. Holland (Shara)
      Maurice C. "Bud" Humes (Glenda) -- Chairman
      James C. McGee (Donna)
      Michael F. Feld
      Bryan D. Bechler (Kathleen)
International Relations
      William G. Snyder-- Chairman
      Norman R. Draine 
      Andrei Diaconescu  
Non-Affiliated Grand Councils
     J. David Cashion (Sabrina) -- Chairman
     Charles D, Wood, Jr. (Paula)
Visitors and Distinguished Guests
       -- Chairman
      Douglas O. Fegenbush (Joani)
      Bryan D. Bechler (Kathleen)
Corporate Foundation/Trust
       -- Chairman
      GG Trustees
Cryptic Freemason Magazine
      Richard A. Eppler (Ruth)--Chairman
      Bryan D. Bechler (Kathleen)
      Charles L. Hollinger (Devorah)
Technical Automation
      Stephen A. Balke (Michelle)--Chairman
      Dayle Schrock
      William E. LeVeque (Angela)
Charters & Dispensations
      David A. Grindle (Karen)--Chairman
      Monty J. Glover (Maureen)
      Bryan D. Bechler (Kathleen)