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Order of the Secret Vault

College of Preservation

Order of the Secret Vault
The General Grand Council has started a new organization under its auspices.  The organization is called the College Of Preservation.  It consists of the General Grand Officers and select individuals as College Deans.  These College Deans will form the core of the selection committee for Companions to be invited to join.
Yes, this is an invitation only organization.  If you have been nominated and accepted for membership, an invitation letter will be sent explaining the procedures for becoming a member.  As of April 30, 2017, there are 401 members
The College of Preservation confers the Order of the Secret Vault on the invited Companions that have accepted.  These Companions of the Secret Vault are charged to preserve the degrees of the Council and preserve the General Grand Council.  The honorarium is deposited in the Corporate Foundation in an effort to build the Corporate Foundation and delay or eliminate future per capita increases.  As of April 30, 2017, the Corporate Foundation stands at approximately $128,067.53.  When it reaches $100,000, a portion of the Foundation earnings may be used in the budget.